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Ellipse IPL Treatments are trusted by Dermatologists and Beauty Therapists alike. With proven results for decades and a technology which is second to none, Ellipse IPL Treatments are the first choice for a variety of skin treatments. If you are looking for Rejuvenation, Pigmented Lesions, Thread Vein and Acne treatments look no further, at Pure Skin we strive to make sure you get the smooth, silky skin you've always longed for.

Hair Removal - Pure Skin

Hair Removal

Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal.

Shaving, waxing, tweezing, depilation and hair removal creams have been replaced by hair removal in a flash. Ellipse uses short bursts of safe, visible light emitted from a flash-lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body parts, safely and effectively.

Vascular Lesion - Pure Skin

Vascular Lesions

Remove your thread veins safely and effectively

Are you constantly checking your make-up or always wearing dark tights? You don’t have to try to cover your thread veins anymore. Ellipse uses short bursts of safe, visible light emitted from a flash-lamp to quickly remove those thin, spidery veins (technically called telangiectasias) from your face or legs. Spider nevi and Port Wine Stains can also be treated.

Acne Treatment - Pure Skin


Get a clearer complexion – faster

Most of us experience acne to some extent during our lives. For many people it is a short-term annoyance, but others suffer for several years. Medication can help reduce acne, but Ellipse treatment has been clinically proven to accelerate the healing process for acne. If you are unsure how severe your acne is, you should seek appropriate professional advice.

Pigmented Lesions - Pure Skin

Pigmented Lesions

Remove your pigmented lesions safely and effectively

The most common ways to deal with pigmented lesions have been makeup, surgery and lasers. Makeup is simple, inexpensive and painless – but it is only a cover-up and requires an everlasting commitment. Surgical treatment of pigmented lesions has shown mixed success, often with scarring as an adverse effect. Lasers can indeed produce good results, however many lasers are specific to only one particular type of lesion. Ellipse treatment offers clinically proven, long-term removal of many types of pigmented lesions in the upper layer of skin.